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JK-9703TR - JK Currectlync Modular Extreme Duty Tie Rod



Are you running 37 in. or larger tires on your JK? If you answered yes, we feel the RockJock Currectlync Modular Extreme Tie Rod is a mandatory upgrade for those who get their rigs out in the rocks! Being pro-active, so you don't get stranded in the wilderness with bent or broken factory steering components is the smart thing to do for your family's safety.
RockJock's completely bolt-on Modular Extreme Tie Rod is commonly referred to as our 2 1/2 Ton tie rod. Features include a massive 1 5/8 in. diameter 4130 chromoly heat treated tube, 1 1/4 in. RH/LH thread forged steel rod ends, removable rod end cartridges that may be used in standard or reversed orientation and premium jam nuts. Components are powder coated semi-gloss black so they are ready for install right out of the box!
We offer a heavy duty U-bolt style steering stabilizer shock mounting bracket to allow you to easily reinstall your factory stabilizer shock or an upgraded CE-9170SD1 Rancho RS5000 stabilizer shock.
More commonly in applications that require this heavy of a steering system, you’ll be looking to install Ram Assist steering. We offer easy to install ram mounting brackets for this tie rod here.
The removable cartridges in the rod ends offer many advantages.

  • They are able to be replaced independently of the forged rod end, saving cost
  • A spare can easily be carried in the vehicle for trail repairs (carry our JK-9703W wrench with you as well!)
  • If a cartridge end is removed and replaced, the vehicle does not have to be realigned, because the tie rod length adjustment was not compromised
  • If a high-steer configuration is desired, cartridges may be easily removed from the rod end forgings and reinserted from the top and simply tightened back down

This easy to install kit is completely bolt-on and requires no modifications or machining to any part of the vehicle!

Kit Fits:

  • JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) - All Models (with stock Dana 30 or 44 front differential)
  • JK Wrangler (2-door) - All Models (with stock Dana 30 or 44 front differential)

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Modular Extreme Tie Rod Assembly

Fitment Specs.:

  • Intended for use with 0–6 in. of lift out of the box
  • For use on any factory JK Dana 30 and Dana 44 differentials
  • Can be used on aftermarket Dana 44 differentials that retain the factory outer steering knuckles, or aftermarket knuckles that retain the stock JK taper in the rod end mounting holes
  • Rod end tapers are designed to fit the vehicle's stock, original taper for ease of installation. If your tapers have been enlarged or drilled out – this will no longer be a bolt-on component.
  • If your tapers have been drilled out, or if you would like to attempt to use these components on an other than stock differential, you may review our additional cartridge offerings here.

Component Specs.:

  • Tie Rod Tube = 1 5/8 in. dia. 4130 heat treated chromoly
  • Tie Rod End Forgings = 1 1/4 in.-12 RH/LH threads, forged steel
  • Rod End Cartridges = JK Taper stock taper on the pin, 1 3/4 in.-12 threads on the O.D. and 9/16 in.-18 threads on the pin


  • Wrench flats on the tube requires a 1 1/2 in. wrench, jam nuts require a 1 7/8 in. wrench
  • Rod end cartridges require our JK-9703W wrench or a 2 in. wrench or impact socket
  • If you decide to flip the Rod End Cartridges to mount the components in a high-steer configuration, keep in mind that all of the corresponding tapered holes must be retapered from the other direction as well
  • Intended for use with 0–6 in. of lift out of the box
  • Do not use this unit outboard of the lift amount requirements outlined above! Deviating from these parameters will cause damage and premature wear to the components!
  • You must grease all rod ends via their zerk fittings before use
  • Grease unit with non-synthetic, hi-moly lube grease, such as our CE-9013G
  • Our JK-9703SB Steering Stabilizer Shock Bracket Kit bolts to this tie rod and may be used with the stock stabilizer shock, an upgraded CE-9170SD1 Rancho RS5000 stabilizer shock and likely many other aftermarket shocks
  • We offer easy to install Ram Assist brackets for this tie rod here.

Instruction Manual:

Parts List: