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CE-9900TJR - TJ/LJ Antirock Rear Sway Bar Kit



The RockJock Antirock Sway Bar Kit for the rear of all Jeep TJ Wrangler & LJ Unlimited models helps free up suspension articulation to increase off-road traction. The Antirock rear sway bar, when used in conjunction with a front Antirock sway bar, provides balanced performance of front and rear suspension for rugged off-road conditions. It gives the driver increased traction by balancing and distributing the weight and traction over all four tires.
This kit easily bolts on with hand tools, but does require some minor welding and trimming.
The sway bar is made of 4130 heat treated chromoly for ultimate strength, which is the same quality used in professional off-road competition sway bars.

Kit Fits:

  • Jeep TJ Wrangler
  • Jeep LJ Unlimited

Kit Includes:


  • Body Lift - Ideally, this kit installs easiest on vehicles with a 1 in. body lift. It can be used without a body lift, but some minor p in. weld trimming underneath the back of the body tub is mandatory. Additionally, due to the age of TJ & LJ vehicles, we see a lot of the rubber body pucks have deteriorated with time, making the non-body lift installation that much more difficult – but it is possible.
  • Body Roll - Antirock sway bar equipped vehicles will exhibit more body roll than vehicles equipped with the stock sway bar. Antirock sway bars may be used on the street, however, they do not provide the same handling characteristics as the stock sway bar.
  • Body Trimming - The plastic inner fender liners and, on most models, some of the inner wheelwell sheet metal must be trimmed for Antirock sway bar arm uptravel. See the instruction manual for more details.
  • End Links - Out of the box, the length of the sway bar’s vertical links that are included in this kit are intended for use with our suspension systems (4 in. lift). Depending upon your specific vehicle’s lift, you may obtain shorter or longer links to suit, here. Additionally, all of the link rods may also be trimmed in length for fine tuning purposes.
  • Shock Travel - This kit is intended for 12 in. travel shocks.
  • Welding - Installation of this kit requires you to weld the supplied tabs to the rear axle housing, to provide a mounting point for the bottoms of the sway bar links.
  • Wheel & Tire Clearance - This kit was designed around a 4.5 in. back space wheel. If deeper backspace, or stock TJ/LJ wheels are being retained, a wheel spacer will be required for proper tire clearance of the Antirock sway bar end links. In some tight fitment applications, it may be necessary to purchase these thin nyloc nuts, to be used on the heim joint studs at the end of the arm, and then the excess heim joint thread may be trimmed off to gain some more tire clearance.

Instruction Manual:

Installation Video: