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CE-9013G - Johnny Joint Grease

SKU CE-9013G


Our premium quality, long lasting grease has be proven in all of our own competition and recreational vehicles over the last 15 plus years. Non-moly greases eventually dry up and cause squeaking, friction and component wear. We only use moly grease for maximum longevity and smooth quiet operation of components.
RockJock® grease is a high-moly based petroleum lubrication that is specially formulated to reduce friction and increase performance while extending the life of our Johnny Joint® Rod Ends as well as all of our steering system rod ends and anything greased via our greasable bolts, such as our Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Shackles.

Applicable To:

  • Johnny Joint Rod Ends – All Styles
  • Currectlync Steering Tie Rod Ends – All Styles
  • Greasable Bolts – Included w/ Control Arms or our Greasable Shackles


  • One 14oz. Tube of Grease


  • Fits in a standard grease gun