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  • RJ-9120FJLF - JL/JT Johnny Joint Front Trac Bar (Forged, Organically Shaped)

RJ-9120FJLF - JL/JT Johnny Joint Front Trac Bar (Forged, Organically Shaped)



RockJock's Johnny Joint Adjustable Length Front Trac Bar for all JL Wrangler, JL Unlimited and JT Gladiator models features an organic shape that is only attainable via forging! This unique shape provides clearance in all the right places, allowing for maximum articulation and clearance for all differential options. The rigid forged design minimizes (and in some cases completely eliminates) all differential movement feedback to the steering wheel for better overall road feel and drivability.
This bar is intended for us on lifted vehicles and is included in all of our suspension kits, but it may also be adjusted to work on stock vehicles.
Adjustable end features a pinch clamp, as seen in the photo gallery. For maximum articulation, the frame end of the bar features a greasable Johnny Joint rod end and the axle end features a Flex Axis rod end.
Greasable via zerk fitting. Finish is semi-gloss black powder coat on the bar and gold zinc plating on the adjuster end.
A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say! Please review this item’s photo gallery!

Kit Fits:

  • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) – All Models
  • JL Wrangler (2-door) – All Models
  • JT Gladiator – All Models

Kit Includes:

  • Johnny Joint Front Trac Bar Assembly
  • (2) Rubber Washers (outboard of the Johnny Joint at the frame end to encourage the bar to re-center itself after articulating)

Adjustment Range:

  • Closed – 33.234 in.
  • Extended – 34.750 in.


  • Factory hardware is retained to attach the trac bar to the axle and the chassis.
  • Bar is forged from chromoly in an organic shape to allow for maximum travel and ample clearance when used with aftermarket 1 ton diffs.
  • Adjuster features 1 in.-14 RH threads.
  • Flex Axis Joint is replaceable, as a unit (presses in and out of gold end forging)
  • Applicable Johnny Joint Tool for this Trac Bar: CE-9112T
  • Johnny Joints require non-synthetic, hi-moly lube grease such as our CE-9013G

*** This bar supersedes our CE-9120FJL Trac Bar! ***

Parts List: