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  • CE-9114L - Johnny Joint 2 1/2 in. Rod End (1 1/4 in. LH Thread, 2.625 in. x .562 in. Ball)

CE-9114L - Johnny Joint 2 1/2 in. Rod End (1 1/4 in. LH Thread, 2.625 in. x .562 in. Ball)

SKU CE-9114L


RockJock's Johnny Joint Rod Ends have been a staple in the off road industry since 1996! Available universally for builders or found in our RockJock suspension components, John Currie’s proven formula provides a reliable, greasable, rebuildable joint that is capable of dramatic articulation in off-road applications, while still providing smooth, cushioned, quiet performance during on-road use.
Johnny Joints are available as a forged rod end with various RH and LH thread sizes from 3/4 in. up to a massive 1 1/2 in. thread! Additionally, weld-on versions of all Johnny Joints are available for fabricators.
Specialty joints, such as polished stainless steel, long body and bent forgings and application specific machined joints are all available for custom builder use.
All sizes of joints offer a standard or a narrow width joint body which provide different levels of overall articulation range (30 plus degrees on a standard body and up to 40 plus degrees on a narrow body). The narrow body’s 1 piece bushing will provide a slightly firmer ride.

This 2 1/2 in. Johnny Joint incorporates our 1 1/4 in.-12 LH thread, standard width, forged body and a 2.625 in. overall width x .562 in. thru-bolt hole pivot ball.
Greasing is handled externally, via the installed 1/4 in.-28 zerk fitting.


Rod End Fits:

  • Universal Application
  • JL Wrangler (2-door) – R lower control arms
  • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) – R lower control arms
  • JK Wrangler (2-door) – F and R lower control arms
  • JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) – F and R lower control arms
  • TJ Wrangler – F and R lower control arms
  • TJ Wrangler Unlimited (LJ) – F and R lower control arms
  • XJ Cherokee – F lower control arms
  • MJ Comanche – F lower control arms
  • ZJ Grand Cherokee – F lower control arms

Rod End Includes:

  • (1) Forged Johnny Joint Assembly

Rod End Features:

  • 34 degrees of articulation capability
  • Forged steel construction
  • 2 1/2 in. O.D. x 2 in. wide joint outer barrel
  • 3.250 inches of 1 1/4 in.-12 LH threads
  • 4.94 inches from CL of joint to end of threads
  • 2-piece bushing internals
  • 2.625 in. wide x .562 in. thru-hole pivot ball
  • Zerk fitting for greasing
  • Fully assembled, ready for use right out of the box


  • See CE-9114LJN for a Jam Nut to fit this joint
  • See CE-9114BL if a Weld-In Bung and Jam Nut are required
  • See RJ-576200-102 if a RockNut is required
  • Johnny Joints require non-synthetic, hi-moly lube grease such as our CE-9013G
  • Applicable Johnny Joint Tool for this Rod End: CE-9110T
  • *** IMPORTANT *** - joints require greasing at normal intervals, but they do not hold a lot of grease! Over greasing can cause damage to the joint. To prevent damage, use only a hand pump grease gun, do not expect the joint to take a lot of grease and DO NOT use pneumatic or electric grease guns!

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