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RJ-442103-101 - JL/JT Currectlync Drag Link

SKU RJ-442103-101


Big tires and aggressive usage of your JL Wrangler, JL Unlimited or JT Gladiator vehicles will cause the factory steering components to bend or break. For those who get their vehicles out in the dirt, the RockJock Currectlync Heavy Duty Steering System is must-have! Being pro-active, so you don't get stranded in the wilderness is the smart thing to do for your family's safety.
RockJock's completely bolt-on Currectlync Drag Link is an organically shaped chromoly forging with a deep dip in the middle of the bar that allows for maximum up travel in low steer or High Steer Knuckle applications, while still retaining maximum strength and rigidity. With this piece installed, you should also consider our RJ-107101-101 adjustable front bump stop kit so that you can fine tune your vehicle to truly achieve maximum up travel out of your set up.
Additional features include larger, forged, greasable rod ends, premium adjuster and clamps and it's painted black, so it's ready for install right out of the box!
The double adjuster feature allows for drag link spec. adjustments after installation without having to remove either end of the drag link from the vehicle. This easy to install component is designed for use on stock height or lifted vehicles (up to 6 in. lift) and requires no modifications or machining to any part of the vehicle.
Since you are this far along in your vehicle modifications, consider our High Steer Knuckle Kits for your application. These kits include this Drag Link!

Kit Fits:

  • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) - All Models
  • JL Wrangler (2-door) - All Models
  • JT Gladiator - All Models

Kit Includes:

  • Organically Shaped Forged Steel Drag Link Assembly (w/ Ends)
  • All required hardware and step by step instructions

Kit Features:

  • Forged steel construction
  • Organic shape to allow for maximum up travel
  • Forged greasable rod ends for increased strength and long service life
  • Double adjuster simplifies alignment (eliminates the need to remove either end of the link to adjust)
  • Designed for stock height or up to 6 in. lifted vehicles
  • Works with any size tire
  • 2-year warranty


  • In stock knuckle applications, no increase in bump stop is required for the sake of the Drag Link.
  • In High Steer Knuckle applications, we recommend the use of our RJ-107101-101 Adjustable Bump Stop Kit, which will allow you to squeeze the absolute most up travel out of your set up.

*** This Drag Link supersedes our RJ-442102-101 Drag Link! ***

  • Instruction Manual:

  • RJ-442103-101 Kit

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