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RJ-107101-101 - JL/JT/JK Adjustable Front Bump Stop Kit

SKU RJ-107101-101


RockJock's Adjustable Front Bump Stop Kit for JL/JT front as well as JK front are a completely different take on the concept of bump stops!
In high articulation situations, an axle housing mounted bump stop ends up rotating inward toward the center of the vehicle, often missing the upper bump stop entirely (see diagram in the photo gallery). By lowering the upper bump stop, and being able to adjust it’s length, you are able to guarantee bump stop contact when and where you need it.
Our adjustable kit features billet aluminum components and 5/16 in. thick steel shims that are able to be added and subtracted for fine tuning while the bump stop assemblies are on the vehicle. You simply put a socket on the upper bolt to hold it in place and loosen the bump stop body with the supplied spanner wrench, add or subtract bump stop shims and then tighten the assembly back up!
Factory yellow jounce bumper is retained and relocated by inserting it back into the bottom of the new aluminum RockJock bump stop body. This provides factory feel when the bump stops make contact.
Finish is clear anodize on the aluminum and zinc plating on the spacers and bolts.

Kit Fits:

  • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) – see fitment notes below
  • JL Wrangler (2-door) – see fitment notes below
  • JT Gladiator – see fitment notes below
  • JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) – see fitment notes below
  • JK Wrangler (2-door) – see fitment notes below
  • Universal Application
  • Upgraded replacement joint for many common long arm kits on the market

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Bump Stop Spacer (upper half)
  • (2) Bump Stop Spacer (lower half)
  • (8) 5/16 in. Bump Stop Spacer Shim
  • (2) M12-1.75 x 50mm Long Flanged Hex Bolt
  • Spanner Wrench
  • Factory yellow jounce bumpers NOT included! (reuse stock ones, Mopar PN: 68480876AA)

Fitment Specs.:

  • See diagram in the photo gallery for minimum and maximum adjusted heights
  • Fits the upper bump stop cup on all factory JL, JT and JK frames
  • Intended for use with 2 1/2 in. of lift and greater
  • If this kit is used with other than a stock axle, the height of the bump stop pad on the aftermarket axle must be taken into account. If it’s height differs from the height of a factory bump stop pad, you must adjust this bump stop kit to accommodate the difference
  • NOT for use with JT Mojave model
  • IMPORTANT:JL/JT Diesel, JL 392 and JL Extreme Recon packages all include unique, added bump stop configurations from the factory. This kit is able to be used on these models, but again, see the added bump diagram in the product's photo gallery. Generally, you would only need to use this kit with these models if the vehicle has a large amount of lift and much larger tires (40s / 42s).includes factory spacers. This kit should not be stacked or used in addition to the stock spacers
  • Required spacer amounts on a JK/JKU with similar lift height, shocks, and tire/flare combinations may not be the same as a JL/JLU/JT


  • This kit is ideal for optimizing the suspension travel on your vehicle after your initial build
  • Adjustments can be easily made with all components installed on the vehicle
  • See diagram in the photo gallery for minimum and maximum adjusted heights
  • NO additional shims over the 4 provided should ever be added!

Instruction Manual:

Parts List: