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  • RJ-441108-101 - Steering Stabilizer Shock Bracket Kit (fits JL/JT Stock Shock and 40-42mm Rod)

RJ-441108-101 - Steering Stabilizer Shock Bracket Kit (fits JL/JT Stock Shock and 40-42mm Rod)

SKU RJ-441108-101


When installing aftermarket steering or differentials, you’ll likely encounter the need to relocate your steering stabilizer shock, or the need for a new bracket that fits a larger tie rod tube. This Steering Stabilizer Shock Relocation Bracket Kit from RockJock should do the trick! This U-bolt style bracket kit is an easy, bolt-on solution for remounting your stock JL or JT shock to keep your vehicle handling as it should!
This heavy duty Steering Stabilizer Shock Bracket Kit allows you to relocate the axle housing end of your JL or JT Gladiator steering stabilizer shock and move it's mounting point on the axle housing, out to the tie rod. This is most commonly done when you upgrade your JL or JT vehicle to a heavier tie rod and are no longer able to mount the shock in it's stock location on the passenger's side tie rod end and are forced to move the shock entirely. Also, aftermarket axles are not equipped with the provisions for remounting the shock to the axle housing.

Kit Fits:

  • RockJock Currectlync JL, JT and JK Tie Rods
  • All other 40mm-42mm (1 5/8 in.) tube size Tie Rods
  • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) - All Models' Factory Stabilizer Shock only
  • JL Wrangler (2-door) - All Models' Factory Stabilizer Shock only
  • JT Gladiator - All models' Factory Stabilizer Shock only

Kit Includes:

  • Laser cut and formed 1/4 in. steel bracket
  • All required hardware and step-by-step instructions

Kit Features:

  • Clear zinc plate finished components
  • 2-year warranty


  • Fits 40-42mm (1 5/8 in.) tie rods only!
  • In JL and JT applications, usage of this bracket will require you to relocate the other end of the stabilizer shock as well. See our RJ-441102-101 kit for an easy solution.
  • This bracket accepts stock JL and JT shocks (1.5 in. wide mounting width). Other styles of shocks will require a spacer.
  • For use with traditional style stabilizer shocks only – not for use with ram assist!
  • This is the bracket that is included in our RJ-442100-101 JL/JT Currectlync Steering System

Instruction Manual: