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  • CE-99002RD5 - Antirock® Sway Bar End Links w/ Heims (10 1/2" Rods)

CE-99002RD5 - Antirock® Sway Bar End Links w/ Heims (10 1/2" Rods)

SKU CE-99002RD5


This RockJock® Adjustable Sway Bar End Link Set features 10 1/2” long link rods with 2 5/8” of 1/2”-20 LH thread and 2 5/8” of 1/2"-20 RH thread, providing adjustment as-is and extra thread, allowing you to cut them shorter as deemed necessary by your application.
Link sets are included in our Antirock® Sway Bar Kits, but are able to be used universally in many applications to replace non-adjustable sway bar links.
Additionally, if you have changed the lift amount on your vehicle you may need a different length of sway bar links to accommodate your new lift. You can simply buy a complete new link set to accommodate your needs.
The heim joints in this kit feature 1/2"-20 RH thread studs and nyloc nuts & jam nuts are included.


Kit Fits:

  • (Included In) Jeep JK Wrangler Suspension Kits – All
  • (Included in) Jeep JK Wrangler Rear Antirock Sway Bar Kits - All
  • (Included in) Jeep YJ Wrangler Front Antirock Sway Bar Kits - All
  • Universal Use

Kit Includes:

  • (2)   10 1/2” Link Rods (gold)   (CE-9901RD4)
  • (2)   1/2”-20 LH Studded Heim Joint Kit   (CE-99006LK)
  • (2)   1/2”-20 RH Studded Heim Joint Kit   (CE-99006K)

Gold Rod Specs.:

  • 10 1/2" Long
  • 1/2” Diameter
  • 1/2”-20 LH Threads – 2 5/8” Long
  • 1/2”-20 RH Threads – 2 5/8” Long
  • Center Smooth Area – 5 1/4” Long

Adjustment Range:

  • Closed – At maximum trimming of this rod (15/16" of thread left on each side and the heims & jam nuts screwed on til they meet the smooth area of the rod), C-C is 10 3/8"
  • Extended – Uncut rods with heims installed safely adjust out to 13 3/4" C-C


  • These are the links that we include in our JK Suspension Kits as well as YJ front Antirock® Sway Bar Kits