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  • RJ-156400-101 - JT Extended Rear Brake Hose Kit

RJ-156400-101 - JT Extended Rear Brake Hose Kit

SKU RJ-156400-101


RockJock's Extended Rear Hose Kit for all JT Gladiator models is mandatory when installing our lift kit (or most other lift kits on the market) on your JT.
These OEM quality, D.O.T. brake hoses directly replace your factory hoses with a much longer hose (see diagram in this product's photo gallery for length specs.) and include all new clips to reattach the new hoses to your ABS wires, just like stock.

Kit Fits:

  • JT Gladiator – All Models

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Extended Rubber Brake Hoses
  • (6) Brake Hose to ABS Wire Attaching Clips
  • (2) Bulkhead Fitting Clips
  • (4) Copper Washers


  • Only install with the proper tools (line wrenches)
  • If you are not comfortable bleeding brakes, PLEASE, find someone to help you!