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  • CE-91106 - Johnny Joint 2 1/2 in. Washer (.118 Thick)

CE-91106 - Johnny Joint 2 1/2 in. Washer (.118 Thick)

SKU CE-91106


RockJock's Johnny Joint Washers are a critical component of Johnny Joint function. These washers retain the internals into all styles of Johnny Joint bodies, but additionally, they are available in various thicknesses so that the joint preload may be adjusted per custom application.
We also offer safety washers for all style of Johnny Joints that feature billet steel construction and a protruding hub on their face that, once installed, lock the rings of the snap ring in place, preventing the snap ring from attempting to push inward under extreme load and escape.

This 2 1/2 in. Washer features a .118 in. thickness and a clear zinc plated finish.


Washer Fits:

  • 2 1/2 in. Johnny Joints (all)

Washer Includes:

  • (1)  2 1/2 in. Johnny Joint Washer (.118 in. thick)

Washer Features:

  • 2.125 in. O.D.
  • .118 in. thick
  • Clear zinc plated finish


  • Johnny Joints require non-synthetic, hi-moly lube grease such as our CE-9013G
  • *** IMPORTANT *** - joints require greasing at normal intervals, but they do not hold a lot of grease! Over greasing can cause damage to the joint. To prevent damage, use only a hand pump grease gun, do not expect the joint to take a lot of grease and DO NOT use pneumatic or electric grease guns!