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RJ-572201-1 - RockNut (1 1/4 in. RH Thread x 1 5/8 in. Bar)

SKU RJ-572201-1


RockNuts from RockJock are the evolution of locking nuts that render traditional jam nuts obsolete!
RockNuts solve the age-old problem faced by Rock Crawlers and Racers alike – your get your suspension set up to twist and move, suspension joints bind up in brackets and jam nuts pop loose. This potential issue is not only one more thing on your maintenance checklist before an event or a race, but loose jam nuts will cause a suspension joint and the arm it is threaded into to destroy one another if they are not tight.
The collet design of the RockNut provides a steel nut with a female taper and a steel bung or aluminum control arm with an intersecting male taper. When tight, the components are bound together and are bound onto the threads of the suspension joint with incredible force.
This CNC machined 1018 steel RockNut features 1 1/4 in.-12 RH threads and is intended to be used with our RJ-576201-1 RockNut Bung or as a replacement part on one of our billet aluminum RockNut Control Arms.
Finish is black zinc plating.

Kit Fits:

Kit Includes:

  • (1) RockNut

Kit Specs.:

*see engineering print in photo gallery
  • CNC machined 1018 steel nut, black zinc plated
  • For use with 1.625 in. O.D. round stock (that has been machined to accept a RockNut)
  • Nut Thread = 1 1/4 in.-12 RH
  • Nut Height = 1.650 in.
  • Nut Hex = requires a 1 3/4 in. wrench


  • For use with any RockJock 1 1/4 in.-12 RH Thread Johnny Joint Rod End as well as any other style of suspension joint of the same thread
  • Requires a 1 3/4 in. wrench