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  • CE-9903H - Universal Antirock Mounting Tube (for 32 in. Bar)

CE-9903H - Universal Antirock Mounting Tube (for 32 in. Bar)

SKU CE-9903H


RockJock’s Universal Antirock Sway Bar Mounting Tubes are available in various lengths to accommodate all of our options of Antirock sway bar torsion bar lengths.
These weld-in tubes provide fabricators with an easy way to get an Antirock installed into a vehicle that a bolt-on Antirock kit is not offered for.
Tubes are 1 3/4 in. x .095 in. wall d.o.m. steel and feature machined trued ends to accept either our CE-9901D bushing for 25 spline bars or our RJ-207001-1 bushing for 28 spline bars.
This specific tube is 30 in. long from tip to tip to accommodate our 32 in. long sway bar torsion bar.

Kit Fits:

  • Universal Application
  • Included in our CE-9903 series Universal Antirock Kits

Kit Includes:

  • (1)  Universal Antirock Sway Bar Mounting Tube for 32 in. Torsion Bar

Component Specs.:

  • Length  =  30 in. (tip to tip)
  • OD  =  1 3/4 in.
  • Wall Thickness  =  .095 in.
  • Ends  =  machined true, chamfered to easily accept bushing
  • Finish  =  raw steel


  • Intended for use with our CE-9903J 32 in. long Antirock sway bar torsion bar.
  • Tube is designed to accept our CE-9901D bushing for 25 spline bars.
  • Tube maybe welded under or on top of your frame, or, some hole-saw thru the side of their frame and slide the tube thru to incorporate it as a frame crossmember. However, because the bushings that are used with this tube only feature a 1 1/4 in. press area – you technically only need 1 1/4 in. of tube per side to support the bushing and leave the bulk of the center of the bar exposed.