Antirock® Sway Bar


RockJock Antirock® Sway Bars - are designed to enhance off-road driving capabilities and to provide balanced performance of front and rear suspension in rugged off-road conditions. They improve off-road traction by enabling increased suspension articulation and by equalizing and distributing the vehicle's weight over all four tires

The Antirock Advantage

Factory Sway Bars - are incredibly stiff, and are designed primarily to limit suspension articulation and prevent body roll during on-road driving, a feature that is directly contrary to off-road traction and performance.

Sway Bar Disconnects - eliminate all sway bar control causing the vehicle to exhibit excessive body roll in rough or uneven terrain, which unbalances the suspension and reduces traction

Eliminate Hassles – manual sway bar disconnects can be very difficult to operate if the vehicle is not sitting on flat and level ground. Antirock sway bars eliminate this issue as they remain connected at all times, making the transition from on-road to off-road hassle-free and enjoyable