RJ-252200-101 - Antirock® Sway Bar Fabricated Steel Arms (Vertically Offset, 14.2")

The RockJock® vertically offset steel Antirock® sway bar arms allow for the highest clearance of any Antirock arm! This affords maximum suspension uptravel in applications that feature clearance restrictions. Arms are 14.2 in. long C-C, 16.2 in. long overall and feature 2 end link mounting holes to allow for fine tuning. These arms were designed for use in our Jeep JT Gladiator rear Antirock kits. These arms can be used in conjunction with our double shear bracket kit to add 1.5 in. in arm lenth and the ability to offset the end link up to 1.25 inches.
SKU: RJ-252200-101