Currectlync® Steering


Currectlync® Steering Systems - replace the small, inferior steering components found on popular Jeep vehicles with heavy duty components that will stand the test of time in agressive off-road applications. Larger tires combined with rock bashing off road can lead to most certain failure of stock steering components. Lifting a vehicle causes stock tie rod ends to overextend beyond their intended range. Don't get stuck in bad spot with a broken steering component!

The Currectlync® Advantage

Tie Rod Bars/Tubes - are incredibly rigid chromoly construction and are designed specifically to resist bending in situations where they may come in contact with a rock in an off-road environment.

Drag Links - are forged chromoly construction and feature rod end angles that are altered from stock to accomodate lifted vehicles.

Rod Ends – all Currectlync rod ends all feature massively larger threads than factory steering components. Grease passages have been altered and maximized. Head angles have been optimized where necessary to accomodate lifts and prevent the ends from locking against steering arms under articulation.

Steering Stabilizer Shock Brackets – are included with every bolt-in kit and feature heavy duty components that allow you to retain a stablizer shock in all applications. Not for use with ram assist steering. See our ram assist brackets in our parts department.


Currectlync steering systems are available in bolt-on versions for popular Jeep applications. Universal components for custom vehicle builders are also available in our parts department.


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