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Johnny Joints® are available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes to meet almost any need.

Use the filter in the left margin (desktop) or top tool bar (mobile) to filter the list of Johnny Joints by: body series, body material, thread size, thread direction, mount width and bolt hole diameter.

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Filter Criteria

Body Series -Filters on the combination of outside diameter and body width of the Johnny Joint . A larger diameter body provides more urethane surface area and therefore a greater ability to absorb shock. Generally speaking, you should select the largest diameter body that will fit your application. Body width (standard or narrow) typically impacts the overall articulation range (misalignment)

Standard or Narrow Body -The standard width body use a two-piece urethane bushing. The narrow width body uses a single piece urethane bushing. For all intents and purposes, there is no functional difference between the two piece and one piece urethane bushing designs. However, the narrow width body typically offers more articulation for a given mount width, due to the increased space between the joint body and the inside of the mounting tabs. Standard and narrow width joint bodies offer the same strength and durability.


Body Series Body Type Body Width
2.0-inch Standard 1.45 inches
2.0-inch Narrow 1.20 inches
2.5-inch Standard 2.00 inches
2.5-inch Narrow 1.69 inches
3.0-inch Standard 2.47 inches


Thread Size - Filters on the shank thread diameter of the forged and billet joints

Mount Width - Filters on the width of the ball center, or put another way, the required distance between the mounting tabs

Hole Diameter - Filters on the diameter of the hole in the center of the ball that the bolt will pass through



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