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  • RJ-246101-101 - JL/JT Front Antirock Sway Bar Kit (Aluminum Arms, .850" Bar)

RJ-246101-101 - JL/JT Front Antirock Sway Bar Kit (Aluminum Arms, .850" Bar)

SKU RJ-246101-101


Complete bolt-on Antirock® front sway bar kit for all Jeep® JL and JT models helps free up suspension articulation to increase off-road traction. The Antirock sway bar is designed to directly replace the vehicles stock front sway bar and does not require disconnecting for off-road use.

The sway bar is made of 4130 heat treated chromoly for ultimate strength, which is the same quality used in professional off-road competition sway bars. The bar in this kit is a .850" diameter, as opposed to the .770" diameter in a standard kit. This heavier bar kit is preferred in applications where heavier top loads (roof tent, etc.) may be present, and a little more sway control is preferred.


  • JL Wrangler - all 2-door models
  • JL Wrangler - all 4-door models
  • JT Gladiator - all models (see Mojave note below)

This kit includes:

  • 4130 heat treated chromoly sway bar
  • Billet aluminum bolt-on frame brackets (semi-gloss black powder coat)
  • Billet aluminum offset sway bar arms (brushed finish)
  • Delrin sway bar bushings
  • Adjustable length heim jointed sway bar links
  • All necessary hardware, and step-by-step instructions

Sway bar mounts bolt into existing holes in the bottom of the frame rail and links attach to the stock mounts on the vehicle's axle housing.


Body Roll - Antirock sway bar equipped vehicles will exhibit more body roll than vehicles equipped with the stock sway bar. Antirock sway bars may be used on the street, however, they do not provide the same handling characteristics as the stock sway bar.

Rubicon Models:

Jeep JL and JT Rubicon models equipped with the electronic sway bar, will require the use of a tuner (AEV ProCal or equivalent) to turn off the sway bar dash light when the factory sway bar is removed.

JT Gladiator Mojave Models:

This kit will work on Mojave models and bolt on exactly the same, however, if the factory Mojave shocks are retained, the shock reservoirs will have to be relocated to allow the installation of the Antirock Sway Bar kit.