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  • JK-9703DLR - Currectlync® Rod End Forging (Straight, RH)

JK-9703DLR - Currectlync® Rod End Forging (Straight, RH)



Currectlync® steering end forgings are perfect for those needing to build their own custom heavy duty steering set-ups. All Currectlync universal steering end forgings feature 1 1/4" diameter forged steel construction, 1 1/4"-12 threads (RH or LH depending on the forging), and a threaded outer end that accepts the Currectlync® replaceable rod end cartridge (cartridge may be installed from either side of the forging). This particular end has 3 1/2" of right hand threads, is completely straight and is 12 1/8" from center of cartridge threads to the end of the threads. Rod end cartirdges, rod end boots, jam nuts, and threaded bungs available separately.