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CE-9900YJF - YJ Antirock® Front Sway Bar Kit



For 1987-1995 Jeep YJ Wranglers. The RockJock Antirock® sway bar kit provides balanced performance of front and rear suspension for rugged off-road conditions. It gives the driver increased traction by balancing and distributing the weight and traction over all four tires. The Antirock® off road sway bar is designed to directly replace the stock Jeep sway bar. This bar is made of SAE 4130 heat treated steel for ultimate strength, which is the same quality used in professional off-road competition sway bars. This kit includes all components for installation including, fabricated steel arms, bushings, links, hardware, and step-by-step instructions. Mouning of this kit entails welding attach the housing mounts that are included in the kit and in some cases, slight modifications of the right inner fender panel is necessary. The RockJock Antirock® sway bar does not need to be disconnected for off-road use. CAUTION: Jeeps will have more body roll than stock. This sway bar may be used on the street however, it will not provide the same performance as the stock setup.