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  • CE-9701 - TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ/ZJ Currectlync® Steering System

CE-9701 - TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ/ZJ Currectlync® Steering System

SKU CE-9701


Have you seen the size of the steering on your TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ/ZJ? Big tires and aggressive usage of your Jeep will cause the factory Jeep steering components to bend or break. For those who get their Jeeps out in the dirt, RockJock's Currectlync® Steering System is must-have! Being pro-active, so you don't get stranded in the wilderness is the smart thing to do for your family's safety.


  • 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler (all models)
  • 2004-2006 Jeep LJ (Unlimited) (all models)
  • 1984-2001 Jeep XJ (Cherokee)
  • 1986-1992 Jeep MJ (Comanche P/U)
  • 1993-1998 Jeep ZJ (Grand Cherokee)


    • 1 1/4" diameter solid alloy steel tie rod
    • 1 1/4" diameter solid forged steel drag link
    • Heavy duty greaseable rod ends for increased strength and long service life
    • Double adjustable tie rod (eliminates the need to remove stabilizer to adjust)
    • Heavy duty drag link double adjuster for ease of alignment
    • Includes relocation bracket kit for stabilizer shock
    • Designed for stock height or up to 6" lifted vehicles
    • Works with any size tire
    • 2-year warranty.


      • Designed to be used with stock pitman arm (for 4” lift)
      • 5”-6” lift requires a 2” dropped pitman arm
      • Requires 2” bump stop over stock, regardless of lift amount
      • For no lift or small lifts, the drag link ends may have to be trimmed to attain proper alignment

      RockJock's completely bolt-on Currectlync Steering System features a solid alloy steel 1 1/4" diameter tie rod, a 1 1/4’ diameter solid forged steel drag link, larger forged, greasable tie rod ends, premium adjuster & clamps and it's painted black, so it's ready for install right out of the box!
      Components are completely bolt-on and kit includes our U-bolt style steering stabilizer shock mounting bracket kit to allow you to remount the factory stabilizer shock to the new tie rod.
      Notes: Both the tie rod and drag link feature double adjusters so that they do not require removal from the vehicle for adjustment, once installed. This unit is designed around a 4” lift with a stock pitman arm, however it may be used on vehicles with 0”-6” of lift. For no lift or small lift vehicles, the tips of the drag link ends may have to be trimmed to attain proper alignment. For 5"-6" lifted vehicles, you will need to install a 2” dropped pitman arm. Regardless of lift amount, vehicle must have a minimum of a 2" bump stop extension (over stock) to prevent the tie rod ends from over articulating.
      This easy to install kit requires no modifications or machining to any part of the vehicle! An easy to follow instruction manual is available here!