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CE-9102JK - JK Front Axle Housing Johnny Joint® Kit



Replace the front differential housing upper control arm bushings on your 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler vehicle with Johnny Joint® rod ends from RockJock to get maximum articulation out of your suspension! This kit includes a Johnny Joint® insert for gear case ear and installation tool, as well as 1" thick flame-cut steel upright for the tube side, with the Johnny Joint® already installed. This kit has you cut off the top of the stock bracket that is on the tube and install the new RockJock piece into the existing bracket base. You then weld the RockJock piece to the existing bracket base. This allows for no welding to be done on the tube, resulting in no warpage of the tube.This kit requires cutting and welding equipment for installation!!! Greasable hardware included.